What is cold-pressed juice?

Have you ever bought a made-to-order juice only to find it goes frothy and browner in colour not long after being made? That's because it was made by a 'centrifugal' juicer. Centrifugal juicers operate at such fast speeds that their spinning blades introduce high temperatures and oxidisation to the produce, resulting in a less nutrient-dense juice. Cold-press juicers (also known as 'masticating' juicers) use a slow juicing method whereby the whole fruit or vegetable is mulched into a pulp and then pressed between hydraulic plates to squeeze the juice from the fibre. The result is a vibrant, raw juice full of flavour and living enzymes. 

Is your produce sourced locally?

Absolutely. All of our fruits and vegetables are sourced locally from Australian growers. 

Do you add sugar, preservatives or water to your juices?

Absolutely not! Our products do not contain any added sugar, water or preservatives.

How long do the juices last, and do they need to be refrigerated?

Yes, the juices are perishable and need to be refrigerated. Our production facility operates at a constant temperature below 4°C. The juices are packaged and delivered in foam boxes with reusable ice bricks to keep them cold during transit. If no one is home to receive the delivery, we will do our best to leave them in a safe, cool spot but they may spoil depending on the outside temperature. As soon as you receive the delivery, please take the juices out of the box and place them in the fridge. The juices will stay fresh for 14-30 days depending on the juice variety. 

Where are they made?

All our juices are made in a HACCP certified production facility in Homebush, NSW.

Which one is the best tasting juice?

After 3+ years of sampling and selling our juices at farmers markets, we can tell you that every palate is quite different! Please check each product description for tasting notes. If it's your first time trying our juices, we suggest buying a small pack (250ml size) of each flavour to try them out.

Your juices seem kind of expensive, is it cheaper for me to make my own?

You're welcome to try making your own blends at home - if you send us an email, we can even recommend which type of home cold-press juicers are best for your juicing needs. However, once you've invested in your juicer ($500+ for a decent one), bought your produce (it takes over 1kg of produce and a LOT of time to make a 450ml glass of juice) and cleaned it all up, you'll probably find it's equally cost-effective to leave the dirty work to us

Are your juice bottles plastic or glass? Are they recyclable?

We use PET 1 recyclable bottles. There are several reasons why we choose plastic for our juices instead of glass. Glass is significantly more heavy with the average weight of a glass bottle being 225 grams versus 22 grams for plastic. This increases shipping costs and requires more gas and oil to distribute each bottle. 

Why does the juice separate?
Unlike supermarket brands, we do not use stabilisers or emulsifiers to stop our juice from separating. Natural juice should separate - give it a good shake, open and enjoy!
What is the white sediment at the bottom of the bottle in my Gingered Apple juice?
Ginger! We use about 4 times the amount of it than any other juice with ginger we've seen on the market. When the juice gets cold, it settles and sticks to the bottom of the bottle. Give it a good shake to dissolve it back into the rest of the juice. 
I regularly buy from you and the colour of the juices sometimes look different than usual?
Many supermarket brands use artificial colours, flavours and additives to ensure their products have a uniform colour and taste. The taste and colour of our juice will naturally change slightly with each batch due to agricultural variations based on seasonality, crop conditions and geography, This is most noticeable in apple juice which can be anything from a clear, pale yellow to a cloudy, light brown colour depending on the time of year. 
Where can I find the nutritional information?
The nutritional information for each product is included on each product page. You'll find it in the product images. 
Do you offer juice cleanse programs?
No! Our mantra is "balance, not extremism" and we personally believe that juice should supplement a healthy diet and not replace food entirely.